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Product Description

Agretti are a spring vegetable. Their name varies according to the Italian Country where they are grown (Friar’s Beard, “lisco”, “roscano”). Agretti are rich in potassium, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and, above all, calcium Because of their nutritional composition, they have got very diuretic, remineralising and depurative properties. Thanks to the mineral salts and the chlorophyll they contain, agretti are useful for removing waste and purifying blood from cholesterol and triglycerides.


In cuisine, Agretti, or Friar’s Beard, can be steamed or boiled and then seasoned to taste, even simply with lemon and extra virgin olive oil. They are also excellent with garlic, tomato and anchovies. Eaten once a day for a month, they are useful to purify the organism. They are a typical spring vegetable, on the market from the end of March to May. In some years they can last until July. The product can be commercialised in bunches made of one or two layers; packed (wrapped tray) with a guaranteed net weight; or in other packaging formats according to the customer’s needs.

  • Product Details
  • Product Name Agretto (Salsola Soda)
  • Caliber -
  • Category First
  • Characteristics Long stringy shape, fresh aspect, turgid and fleshy leaves
  • Growing season Winter - Spring
  • Trading period From January to May
  • Packaging Different formats available or according to the customer’s requests
  • Quality Standards Fresh, healthy, clean, consistent