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  • Agretto


    Product Description Agretti are a spring vegetable. Their name varies according to the Italian Country where they are grown (Friar’s Beard, “lisco”, “roscano”). Agretti are rich in potassium,» Read More

  • Pomodoro Datterino Agrisole

    Datterino Tomato

    Product Description Datterino Tomato has got a date shape and that’s the reason of its name reminding the desert fruit. It is characterised by an elongated shape and» Read More

  • Pomodoro Pixel Agrisole

    Pixel Tomato

    Product Description Pixel Tomato is a hybrid LSL tomato of the kind “plum tomato”: an indetermined, vigorous and very prolific plant. The fruits, oval shaped with a medium» Read More

  • Pomodori Tondi Verdi

    Round Green Tomato

    Product Description Round Green Tomato is a concentrate of health. It has got refreshing, astringent, thirst-quenching and digestive properties. It is rich in nutritional elements: vitamin A, vitamin» Read More

  • Pomodoro Ciliegino Agrisole

    Cherry Tomato

    Product Description Cherry Tomato is a well-known variety rich in vitamins, with a firm sugary pulp and a smooth skin. It is refreshing and thirst-quenching with diuretic effects.» Read More