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Who we are

How AGRISOLE was born

The Farm AGRISOLE was founded in 1996 by the young businessman Luigi Torri as a sole trader and then, in 2011, it became a company.
What did not change in the years is the passion for farming, which has remained unaltered since 1930, when Luigi’s grandfather moved from Riccione to the Pontine Marshes with his family to start working as a settler, growing and passing down his love for this territory from a generation to another: they are now the third generation.
AGRISOLE carries out its activity in the Pontine Plain, a territory that is famous for the great land reclamation works of the first decades of 1900, where the hard work of a lot of men contributed to make this territory one of the most productive and fertile in Central Italy.
Today as in the past, Torri’s family continues its activity of production and commercialisation, leading an organised farm which works on 5 ha of soil covered with technologically innovative greenhouses and on 9 ha used for open field cultivations. Moreover the processing and packaging of the products take place in a modern lab of 400 sq.m.

Our Pride

It is represented by cultivating a land which was formerly very difficult, but which, thanks to men’s hard work, over time became one of the most suitable land for growing vegetables. Moreover, we carried on the sacrifices of previous generations and that is what makes us very proud to cultivate these soils today.

Our Advantages

Thanks to its structural and climatic conditions, AGRISOLE produces its vegetables with high quality and quantity standards all the year.

A great experience in vegetables production. Torri’s family has produced high quality vegetables for three generations.
• Favourable climatic conditions help granting a constant high quality standard for all the year..
Innovation of the products and their means of production.
• Sustainability, accuracy and business honesty..

Business management

The owner, Luigi Torri, is the manager of both production and commercialisation phases. Rosa Nacchia is responsible for the administrative and logistical sectors. Beside them, there is the constant presence of capable, expert and motivated collaborators who share AGRISOLE business targets and values, supervising quality and developing new marketing actions.