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Our Targets

Agrisole is a family-run company specialised in the production of excellent vegetables, agretti and tomatoes. The farming of agretti is granted by our internal production of seeds, since it is a product difficult to find on the market. The ability and experience developed in this kind of farming made us one of the few companies to produce agretti in the Pontine Marshes.

On the basis of the experience gained during the years, we are putting the basis for both productive and commercial vertical growth. This is happening thanks to a consolidation of the know-how about production quality and thanks to specific services of products’ processing and packaging which allow us to satisfy the most demanding requests on the market.
Moreover, on the basis of particular requests and according to specific agreements, we can produce vegetables that are not mentioned in our array.

Commercialisation occurs through different channels, in particular the large-scale retail trade (35%), the wholesale (50%) ant the fruit and vegetables markets (15%).

To sum up, Agrisole offers:
• Different packaging formats
• Products grown according to integrated pest management strategies
• Continuity of supplying
• Constant quality standard