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Datterino Tomato

Pomodoro Datterino Agrisole

Product Description

Datterino Tomato has got a date shape and that’s the reason of its name reminding the desert fruit. It is characterised by an elongated shape and a higher sugar level in comparison with other varieties of tomatoes. It can reach 12° Brix which makes it sweet and particularly tasty. With few seeds inside, it has got a thin skin and a red pulp poor in calories and rich in mineral salts, vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants so healthy for body cells.


This tomato has got an exceptional taste and an inimitable sweetness. It is optimum in the Mediterranean cuisine to prepare sauces, vegetables and to be eaten fresh in fast and fancy starters, best with rocket and parmesan cheese on a bed of bresaola. To sum up, it is very versatile thanks to its sweetness.

  • Product Details
  • Product Name Datterino Tomato
  • Caliber 18-25 mm
  • Category First
  • Characteristics Small size, oval shape, deep red colour
  • Growing season Spring - Summer
  • Trading period From June to November
  • Packaging Different formats available or according to the customer's requests
  • Quality Standards Long shelf life and strong clusters