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Cherry Tomato

Pomodoro Ciliegino Agrisole

Product Description

Cherry Tomato is a well-known variety rich in vitamins, with a firm sugary pulp and a smooth skin. It is refreshing and thirst-quenching with diuretic effects. This tomato is rich in lycopene and carotenoids, substances that help the proper working of the organism and defend it from free radicals. It contains a good amount of vitamin C, with a repairing and renewing action on all the cells of the organism. It is rich in mineral salts with a balancing and detoxifying action.


This very sweet tomato can be used in many ways: in simple salads seasoned with a good extra virgin olive oil, as dressing on pizzas and pasta, or to prepare sauces with a unique taste.

  • Product Details
  • Product Name Cherry Tomato
  • Caliber 20-25 mm
  • Category First
  • Characteristics Its round fruits are grouped in clusters presenting a fishbone structure.
  • Growing season Spring - Summer
  • Trading period From June to November
  • Packaging Different formats available or according to the customer’s requests
  • Quality Standards Long shelf life and strong clusters