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Pixel Tomato

Pomodoro Pixel Agrisole

Product Description

Pixel Tomato is a hybrid LSL tomato of the kind “plum tomato”: an indetermined, vigorous and very prolific plant. The fruits, oval shaped with a medium weight of 30-35 gr each, are characterised by an exceptional sweetness and flavour, added to an excellent consistency and long shelf life after the harvest. Pixel Tomato has got high contents of fibres, a good level of sugar and a good concentration of carotenoids. The concentration of vitamin C is also high, while the concentration of lycopene is good.


Pixel Tomato is a small size tomato, great to make sauces because, during cooking, skin and pulp blend together without using a vegetable mill.

  • Product Details
  • Product Name Pixel Tomato
  • Caliber 30-35 mm
  • Category First
  • Characteristics Its colour is a wonderful deep red and it can easily be preserved. The clusters can be conserved hung in a dry place for 4-6 weeks, keeping their taste unaltered.
  • Growing season Spring - Summer
  • Trading period From June to November
  • Packaging Different formats available or according to the customer’s requests
  • Quality Standards Long shelf life and strong clusters